Whatever you need....great references when it comes to searching the history behind your instrument

Lisa Brzozowske-Beckner

Pretty cool spot in a cool location. With cooler employees working

Luis Velazquez

Such awesome and friendly guys here! Thank you for all your help with us learning about guitar!

Amy Williams

Great place with a great staff that will help fulfill all your musical needs.

Patrick Eady

Great employees and will hook you up right!! I'm a Regular!

Cody Ray Henry

It's like a toy store for musicians, run BY musicians...

Eric Luna

Best staff ever! Really great people, very helpful and friendly.

Jack Jordan

THE BEST MUSIC STORE I HAVE EVER FOUND! At 47-years-of-age, I finally decided to renew my passion for music and buy my very own bassoon. While having been a bassoon performance major for my undergrad, I always used the school's instrument, and gave that life up almost 25 years ago.

Julia Bancroft

Great selection. Cool to have a music place like this in the area. The only other place I know of is Guitar Center. Staff is always nice too.

Yolanda Navarez